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Vedicsiddhanta is the best platform to spread out your knowledgable idea/ work to right people who have a depth of understanding of your subject . We are here to help those who are looking for help and guidance in Healing, Health and astrological proficiency.

We believe in the divine and spiritual connection with people who uses our product is priceless.

* Want to make the Astrological community a better place.
* Want to contribute your knowledge and make Vedicsiddhanta a global knowledge portal for those who are in need, light and guidance.
* Want to give a professional look to your passion, hobby, writing ability etc.
* Want to sell out your writing talent to global mass.

Where you will find a better place to reach more than a million people each year?

Come and join with us and experience new vision.

Currently we are looking for Freelancer for following positions with 5-10 years of professional experience along with good command over english and writing skills in their respective field.


* Content Writer for different streams in Jyotish.( Vedic , Nadi jyotish etc)
* App Developer - Developer having knowledge in Jyotish calculations
* Senior Astrologer - Experience in astrological consultancy
* Healer and counsellor
* Reiki Healer
* Yoga Content writer.
* Ayurved and Herbology Content writer.
* Researcher Scholar in transcendental and Vedic sciences

How we work

Choose your own adventure 

Everyone works from the location they choose. We’re spread out all over the globe and we have a  good number of traffic on our websites. we are working on many of Web-based mobile applications projects and doing serious research in Jyotish and other subjects.

Coming on board

After clearance of 1st stage of the interview, we shall need 1-2 of your research-oriented articles to analyse your work as per viewership of the readers.

As per the response of the readers, we’ll do a project together on contract basis for 2-3 months or suitably the time you can give to the joint project.

Full-Time prospects and responsibilities shall be as a Research Scholar, Senior Astrologer, Author of

On appointment, you will get an opportunity to meet knowledgeable scholars in this team.

The benefits shall grow and will be shared time to time along with companies growth and development of the project.

Looking forward for your participation

Meeting up

Vedicsiddhanta Team, will get together once a year for 2-3 days to know each other and exchange the views on the divine knowledge and learn new skills which will influence each one whole life.

What do we look for?

Everyone have a flexibility to work from the location they choose. We are spread all over the globe and have a good number of unique visitors on our websites. Also we are on the edge of completing our projects and soon will be coming up with professional web-based mobile applications.Side by side we are vigorously focussing on research in Jyotish and other subjects.

Think ! 

you’ve got what it takes ? 

Advantages added to work recognition


A) Self-promotion of your youtube videos, websites, articles and content.

B) Earn via 

* Advertisement in your articles.
* Affiliate Programs.
* Astrological services and reports
* online classes.
* Selling your research articles, journals, e-books , lessons and content.
*Jyotish services, subscriptions and case studies where we only charge 25% from the total services.

C)  Deliver offline lectures and classes during our seminars.

Apply now.

Write to us@

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