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Center for Advanced Research on Astrological,Mundane & Astronomical Sciences (K.A.R.A.M.A.S) 

From The Editor's Desk

Welcome to Krishnadhaam Astrological and Astronomical newsletters and Research Journals. We will be sending out the newsletters each month or in a quarterly circulation in order to keep readers in the loop for regular updates and upcoming events regarding everything going on in the world of astrology and astronomy. So that reader should know what is happening in the cosmological world and keeping krishndhaam readers up to date.we believe more familiar is our reader's with the krishnadaam research work more successful we will be collective efforts.

Krishnadhaam thrives on creating a team-oriented atmosphere and we believe that this is an excellent step in that direction.

We know that there are a lot of creative individuals within the Krishnadhaam Astro family and we welcome your ideas and article submissions for the newsletter. If you would like to contribute anything (Astro articles, Astro news) please send an email to and we will review your submission. 

Message from The Editor

Since its establishment in 2009, Krishnadhaam has focused its operations on providing quality research and analysis in the world of astrology and astronomy. We have taken great measures to expand that focus to include our reader's and consultants because, in fact, none of our successes would be possible without each and every member of the Krishnadhaam team. 

Whether you are a reader, consultant or consultancy seeker, we are all part of a well-oiled machine that needs each and every part to run smoothly.I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation for our Team hard work and dedication, and also to our reader's and consultants, and for helping to spread krishnadham message to everyone for its brilliancy to spreading true facts on classical astrology and astronomy. 

We are continuously expanding and growing our research database's and information as a research center – even we are planning for opening research center also.Krishnadham remains strong and it would not be possible without the support of all the members of our team. That being said, I would like to make a commitment to you that Krishnadhaam will continue to make exceptional internal and external Astro Research service on top priority for the needful.

Rakesh Singh Jamwal,
Chief Editor and Astrologer

For Krishnadhaam Advance Research Centre and Foundation on Astrology and Astronomy

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Free Research Journals

Below are some of our research Papers written by our research scholars based on Mundane and other astrological streams after spending lots of time on intensive research works in past few years.Still our teams is doing intensive Research work in finding various hidden aspects of Vedic Astrology, Vedic Cosmology/Astronomy , Mundane, Hora and ancients Siddhantas to establish scientific and logical approach via our research journals. All research journals are free to download  and easy to readable without having any scientific knowledge.

1) Marvel of Vedic Astrology - Blind Chart analysis ( By Rajesh Kotkal)

‘Blind chart analysis’ is a procedure in which an astrologer predicts the past events and present condition of a native only by looking into the horoscope, without having a prior knowledge about the native. Astrologers practice this method for many reasons: for birth-time rectification, to bring faith in the client about the efficacy of astrology, to test the astrological techniques, to find out which method suits best for the given case, and to demonstrate his/her predictive abilities.

To do ‘blind chart analysis’ successfully an astrologer should have very sound knowledge of the subject, vast experience, good intuition and a bit of luck also. Though I use both conventional methods and naadi techniques of Vedic Astrology in my practice, the Nandi Naadi method is the main tool for almost 95%. It will normally take 10-20 minutes to formulate these questions. Applying the Naadi rules given in my book SARFAROSH is the key to my success. I do not claim infallibility, and it is also not possible in predictive sciences like astrology. If more than 75-80% of events predicted turn out to be true then you may consider an astrologer to be successful.

After I shared few case studies of blind chart analysis on my facebook page I got several requests to reveal the astrological logic/reason behind the events that I have predicted. This small book is the result. This book contains 10 case studies where I have applied the technique of ‘blind chart analysis’ – predicting the past and present condition of the native without knowing anything beforehand

2)  Kaalchakara : The Wheel of Time, how Life impacts by transiting planets on lunar mansions ( By Rakesh Jamwal)

In Mundane Astrology, Time is connected with transiting planets over different nakashtras and degrees. The day an event triggered and Life progression in earth is preciously based on movement of the moon in those stars. As moon progresses life grows in earth and follows the system of night and day with the sun. Same way in the natal chart vimsotri dashas signifies how important events are connected with the nakashtras and our mind and the body setup. This shows how our state of mind changes significantly in those 29 days in a month when moon changes significantly in transiting over different-different nakashtras with slow and fast moving planets.

This also shows how an important event has deep impact on our psychological and biological system. Clearly justifies everything is relative in cosmos.

Likewise the Sun is responsible for creation, same as the moon is responsible for the life and growth process and shows how we are connected with the day and night system.

This shows everything is relative to each other; both time and Space are in relation with Kaal Chakara system. Same way every planetary movements has its unique role in displaying meaningful and eventful results in human life. We have seen how wheel of time is exclusively linked with creation since the beginning of cosmic era and how different planetary alignments with sun and moon invoke dynamic results in different signs and lunar mansions.

For Complete Article on understanding of wheel of time, download below mentioned book:

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