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Jyotish and Spiritual Services

Welcome to the Krishndhaam Jyotish and Spiritual guidance Reports Sections.

This page carries very important details about various Jyotish services, reports, and Prices for same we deal in. Please give it a reading to understand the subtle intricacies involved in the process of seeking an astrologer. Since you are here to seek (and you are paying for that), it will be a very good practice to understand the underlying methods and procedures involved.We do not do whole life prediction. Rather we deal with different facets of life like, marriage, profession / career, health, education, finance, Prashna etc.

1) If you are seeking "Advance or Basic Reports", you need to first look for an Available appointment and Schedules before selecting any Jyotish and Spiritual Services from our Research team.

2) Later you can discuss or Share your past history or complete case study details with us via Email, via Vedic Reading Form (Added in Appointment form) or via Phone.But we prefer you should share your Past history details either via email or Vedic reading form.

3) We do case studies only on weekends, i.e either Saturday or on Sunday in available time slots from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Deliver Advance Written reports falling on Sunday or Monday before 12 pm, based on an availability of time schedule.

4) We only take 1 Advance written Case reports per month based on available time Schedules and appointment.

5) Advance Case reports would take minimum 20-30 (3 Weeks) Days for finishing PDF reports and rest of the advance reports are based on the voice that we used to conduct session within a week or 10 days after booking the case study.For Booking Advance Case Reports, Click here

6) Basic Vedic Jyotish reports are Short, Brief and to the point case studies where we work only on Selective queries of seekers covering different aspects of readers life.All the Basic case studies are based on Voice and user can book either Skype, Google hangout, or over the phone call.Case studies will be scheduled and discussed in within 10 days of the date of the booking where we will inform users about the appointment date, Time and mode of communication via email. For Booking Basic Case Reports, Click here

7) Our only motive is to provide in detailed and hidden insights of seeker life via planetary discipline and guidance regarding same via our analytical abilities. Before booking appointment, you can also check our Jyotish and Spiritual services from below mentioned Section.

Our Services are Divided in three Parts

1) Spiritualistic: Those users who are interested in holistic Life improvement they are advised to choose our Spiritual Services.There are various Services included in Spiritual Services meant for giving complete and holistic analysis based on Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Tarot, Numerology, and Much more Divine and ancient Therapies i.e Reiki.

2) Vastu: Vastu Services are based on Basic and Advance analysis whereas complete vastu analysis is a fully advance analysis of a house or plot. The basic analysis which can be done on phone or by sharing maps of the plot. This applies to plots without any construction. Please contact us for the fee or send us a message in our email

3) Jyotish Services are based on two factors Basic and Advance reports whereas Basic Vedic Jyotish reports are Short, Brief and to the point where we work only on Selective queries of seekers covering different aspects of readers life either in 1 to 10 sub-queries under main query section.Advance Vedic Jyotish Reports are meant for deep and microanalysis on a different line of Jyotish services based on Life Specific issues connected with Career, Marriage, Education, Finance, Health and Relationships.We have divided Advance Reports into two Sections i.e Written and Voice reports. Written Reports falls in Nadi Prashna analysis and Rest of Life specific reports are in voice mode. All the Nadi Reports are based on the Queries or Prashna of the user ( from 1 to 5 Prashna).For e.g,We have divided Career Life report into 4 subsections i.e Career Selection, Profile analysis and Overall Career growth analysis, Educational prospects with career, Availablity of Bussiness Prospects and overall Financial Ups and down.Those users who are seeking an advance and in detailed analysis on Life specific queries in their mind, Advance Jyotish services are recommended for them.

Krishndhaam Jyotish and Spiritual Services are available in Skype/Phone/Voice/Written formats depending on user's comfort level.If users are interested in written PDF reports then one need to choose written reports in Vedic Reading form Section after checking Schedule in the current month as we only take 1 advance case report per month.Before Selecting any Services Users are requested to send us a basic query to our team so that we can do pre-analysis based on the Prashna chart System, Before proceeding to Desired Service selection.

Shipping and Payment Info



It is a free money-transfer service. It allows any of us with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express card, or bank account to transfer funds on 100% secure server.

You can transfer to our Paypal account by direct purchase.
Paypal id is :

You can deposit the same with the help of following details. You can then courier us the same. Please contact us if you have a query regarding the same.Before Placement of any order regarding Jyotish Services or any other services please drop a mail: or call at @7006278941 for further Appointment details.

Shipping Details:

When you make any purchase from Vedic Siddhanta your personal information will be completely secure with us as all the informations are based on account based system.

All the Purchases in  Krishnadham Jyotish and Spiritual Services
  regarding Jyotish, Books or Magazines services are based on E-goods and are directly deliverable to email that need not any shipping charges or any hidden costs.

We use the personal information you supply us, including your membership registration data, to enable us to provide you with personalized predictions. In addition, this information is used in a demographic manner to enhance our services, personalize your experience and provide you with special offers and services that we think you will find valuable.

For Info on Shippings and Payment, Click Here

For Any queries regarding above mentioned Jyotish and Spritual services, user can fill this form and send us their queries.

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