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For Appointment details, Bookings and case study Schedules, Please, thoroughly look in below-mentioned Events and Appointment calendar details to check available bookings on voice and written case reports for further processing.

Krishndhaam Appointment Section

Welcome to the Krishndhaam Jyotish and Spiritual guidance Reports Sections. This page carries very important details about various Jyotish services, reports, and Prices for same we deal in. Please give it a reading to understand the subtle intricacies involved in the process of seeking an astrologer. Since you are here to seek (and you are paying for that), it will be a very good practice to understand the underlying methods and procedures involved.

Please, thoroughly look in below-mentioned Events and Appointment calendar to check available bookings for further case reports.

Our Research Team and Vedic Reading Form

After selecting your Case from above-mentioned services you need to fill Vedic Reading form further required for Astrological analysis which includes past events details, User queries, User family histories, report type and mainly it is required for root cause analysis.It only needs to be filled by users those have selected Written Reports. Even It also has all the details of our Research team and an option of form to get the required information from the user for the case study. The user needs to fill this @ "Vedic Reading Form " for further information required for Analysis of the case study.

Events and Schedule Calendar for Delivery of Written Reports

For Scheduling your written report, first select and click on " Set Time Zone " to see the time difference and then proceed for available time and day falling on Sunday for booking your case study based on above calendar criteria.

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