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Spiritual Astrological Session & Workshopp from 22nd April to 29th of April : Karma and Rebirth Questionnaire series based on saturn placement: Ask me Question and Know Your mission of Life

Spiritual Astrological Session from 22nd April to 29th of April : Karma and Rebirth Questionnaire series : Your mission of Life !

Secrets of Karma in Current Birth - 10th house from Saturn in D1.

Daily Question -answer Session on Karma and Rebirth.

Shoot me questionnaire on Saturn placement in D1 with Ascendant Details of your Natal chart with Saturn Nakashtra, Its Sign, Placement from Lagana and Planet placed in 10th from Saturn in which sign. I will tell your Root reason of your Birth and What would be your Karma assigned in this birth.

Now its over to you .

Hurry ! Shoot me your Karmic Doubt to me. Only 1 Question per User is allowed !

Those who want to connect with me for Questionnaire session via Facebook can follow this below mentioned link:

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  1. Thank you in advance. I'm interested in knowing about this. These are details of my Natal chart:
    Lagna- Aries, Ashwini nakshatra pada 2.
    Mars- 11th house, Shatabhisha nakshatra pada 3.
    Saturn- 12th house, Revati nakshatra pada 2.
    Venus(10th from Saturn)- 9th house, Purva Ashadha pada 4.

    Also, if this helps: Venus also happens to be my atmakaraka and Mars conjuncts with Jupiter (Shatabhisha 1) and Ketu (Shatabhisha 4) in 11th.

    Thanks again.

  2. @Arcane Box - Well in your case you want to explore life higher wisdom's, Deep philosophies, Higher Spiritual knowledge via your life partner in a very optimistic way. you want to go deeper with your partner in understanding both material and spiritual side of life by exploring ideas of Higher philosophy. You need to dig deep and need to explore spiritual and religious places with life partner or with those whom you want to share your close bonding and emotions. Visiting new religious and Spiritual places always fantasize your idea of religion and spiritual thoughts. You always want to involve yourself in Spiritual activities via people and via learning Occult sciences it will help you to understand more on your Karma of life.


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