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Danger of extreme Futurism, The advance Age of Rahu - When Mankind will decay

Murphy's law is a popular adage that states that "things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance," or more commonly, "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." A number of variants on the rule have been formulated, as have several corollaries.

A time will come when Mankind will decay like Murphy law sooner or later that is destined to come might be after 1000  or 10,000 year later or much sooner, that i don't know, but it will come with much havoc advancement, Everything that grows always falls or fades that's the nature law.So, same is about technology, it also has drawback may be  we cant see right now but it will come with human degradation.

This advancement of Mankind might be waiting for its destruction period, as it has been seen in Every 1000 years of duration there was always be a complete change in era, this we had already seen from Year 900 AD to 21st century till now how India got decay in his moral and spiritual senses. More can be yet to come in year 3000, we don't know about it, as Kaal is that mysterious system only sages of higher senses can understand its root. It has been said by Krishna itself i will be there till 10,000 years of Kaliyug in earth to maintain and uphold Dharma and Spirituality for kind and devotees.

Right now 6000 Year we had already passed and 4000 is yet to come. God knows what would be those years. Live Example of Krishna presence can be seen in Vrindavan and in Jaganath Puri where lord krishna is still present and many millions of devotees daily experiencing the spiritual bliss of Krishna there that shows period of Spirituality is yet not fallen.

There has been plenty of Reasoning and explanation given in Braham Vivstra Puran and Bhagwad Puraan in detailed regarding what will happen to Kaliyug in later part. Well i won't Explain all those but i will give you slight hint based on My Intuition and transcendental observation which used to came in my mind whenever my mind is in higher senses. That Day will come soon when men and women fertility will become zero at point of extreme globalization and when karmic actions in real life will fall and it will become zero.Sooner or later there will be degradation of Religious up-liftment in ideas of spirituality and Advancement. Mind will develop more and more in higher mundane values, Material will rule over mind and we will stop realizing the real values of relations sooner or later. we will be forget to realize who will will be our father, Mother or husband or kins values to us and what they will be matter in our life. Differentiation of relations will be based only on Material and mundane nature. People will have multiple relations and will make relations with one and another just to satisfy their greed, desire and lusts. There will be no multiple religions though there will be mixed form of religion without any religious ground.

Men will be busy in Advance thinking and Women will be busy in complete makeover of their Mind, Body and Soul only for mundane values or practical outlooks .Relational value will degrade soon, A child wont be remain as child he will be like only a formality soon and family life will split up like a need for change. Virtual gratification of senses will be first choice of enjoyment. Phones, Media and Computerization will sooner become a danger mark for mankind. Mankind will soon leave the idea of Nature.Nature will remain only for the idea of Resources and need only.That would be the advance age of Nature when Men and women will travel like Boeing jet from India to US within flicks of seconds. Inter- Planetorial visit will become like Fun and enjoyment soon in that age. Man will take Interstellar travel to seek for New civilization and search for new life.I don't know what they will achieve at that age.A man will itself become like an Alien for other mankind. Mankind will suffer because of own mistakes.Crops will become dry and lands will be out of Resources and heat will remain for more than Seasons. Seasons will no longer be like normal.Nature will cry for reasons why he let man to exploit it.

That would be that advance age and time when man and women will unleash extreme mental energy from mind to get work done. brain will be so much develop at that time that even you won't able to think how and why God has made and gifted this body to you to get accomplish your karmas of life.why physical works would be so much important you will soon forget at that age. that age would be advance space age when you forget your body, your physical needs, only thing would be remembered would be how to ignore physical tasks and why those tasks are important.

That's the problem of too much futuristic thinking - the advance age of Rahu, when you will live only in your virtual reality. that would be days when height of men and women will reduce to extreme extent like a short aliens.body will become lean, brain size will increase and biggest irony would be both men and women won't able to procreate their child and kids.Human will develop Machine to raise babies in machine care. body chakaras won't able to work like in a natural way or they become too much hyper actives and body will experience too much drastic changes but Brian will unleash it's extreme energy to understand nature and it's process, a man will not only succeed only in manipulating with bodies he will will do changes with nature too. baby will born either in machine or taken care by machine itself - the age would be advance age of Rahu the mega mind machine age.. Drastic Future is waiting for you.
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