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Past Birth analysis: House wise analysis and meaning of each house to reveal past birth mystery motives and reasons,its Time to think Back your Karmic Actions,A Brief Past Birth Story-lineup house wise

Many People says Past birth has no role in current birth sufferings if really it was than why we are taking birth again and again to keep neutralizing karmic actions of past.In bhagwad Geeta It was written that Karama you do the same karma you will reap. Neither this body is permanent neither the world, nor your actions the only permanent reality is your Karma.

Same-way the whole Base of Natal Astrological placements in charts are result of your past karmic actions. What you will do same you have to pay back. the Law of Karma is very much simple and straightforward.

12th House - The Root house of Past Karmas, 4th from 9th is 12th - (Rin of Past): Signifies What you took in past you have to give back to same person whom you took in past. its the house of Debits of's the house of Burden. It's the house of Paying back debits of past.

6th House - 10th from 9th is 6th - ( Actions of Past): Signifies What you did in past and the same way you have to see its cause and effects in this birth.What you did what you will see now. Its Karama of Past vs Karma of Current birth. it's your prardbha it cannot be nullified it has to pay back with same intensity and suffering level.

8th House - 12th from 9th is 8th - (Root Cause of Rebirth): Signifies what you have left you have to finish now.Leftover Business to repay.The same way you become cause and suffering for others fall-back the same way you have to see fall-back of your own. Its Tit for Tat. Same-way you transform other the same way you see your own transformations via life lessons and sufferings.

5th House - 9th from 9th is 5th - (Learning of pasts) - Signifies what you have learned in past you have to give back or teach to others. its your Dharma, its your Sanchit and fruits of past.

1st House - 5th from 9th is 1st - ( Goodwill of Pasts)- Signifies what you Done good to others you have to see that goodness in current birth in the form of Name, Fame and Good health. Its your fruits of past.

9th house - ( Blessings of past - New Life mission of current) - Signifies what you have got Happy fruits from past, the Dharama you have done in past and got from the Dharama guru, the same dharma you have to spread again. Its your Sanchit Karma.The temple you are worshipping now same you have to give others too. it's the blessings you got from past the same blessings you have to give back to others. It's a Promise of Guru in past the same you have to fulfil now.

3rd House - 7th from 9th is 3rd - (Desires of Past) - What you have desired in past to flourish it you will fulfil it now with same level.

7th House - 11th from 9th is 7th - (What you had gained from past) - What you have gained from past the same you have to share it to others now. its a house of exchanging same thoughts in same way you learned from others. Do sharing to others in a healthy way.

11th House - 3rd from 9th is 11th - (Finished what you have started in past) - What you have started in past birth with the those people finish it now. its the leftover desire of past.

4th House - 8th from 9th is 4th - (What you do what you get - Love is suffering) - What you do in past the same you will get now. its suffering vs love game. you loved in past you will get love in same intensity in current birth.if you had hurt others in past you will get hurt now.

2nd House - 6th from 9th is 2nd - (Fulfill your duties or leave those) - if you had fulfilled your duties in past you will get comfort in this birth, if you had left the duties you have to fulfill now. it's a house of either to enjoy or to full fill.
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